Copper mugs have been used from the early ages of civilization. They mainly were preferred since copper can be easily used to create vessels of different shapes compared to other metals. Like the sayings go, there is nothing new under the sun and history repeats itself. Copper mugs are now back in fashion, but there is a small twist: you can now get custom copper mugs. These customized copper mugs are some of the best things that you can purchase in 2018.
Safe Copper Mugs
Before we get to these amazing copper mugs, it is important that we clarify about the health concerns surrounding the use of copper mugs. There has been a whole debate on whether drinking from copper made materials can be detrimental to users health. These mugs are made of authentic copper which is safe to use and in fact has some health benefits. One major health benefit is improving the body’s digestive process which leads to other knock on effects such as rapid weight loss. If you had these fears, we guarantee you that these mugs are 100% safe.
Quality Customized Copper Mugs
Like we mentioned before, these mugs are made of original high quality copper. Each of these mugs is well crafted through a thorough process which ensures that they last for a long time. Have you had problems with mugs that chirp their color? This will be a thing of the past when you get the customized copper mugs.
Honestly, the best features of these mugs is that they are customized. The fact that you could have a mug with personalized message or drawing is great addition to any setting. This fact also makes these copper mugs ideal as personalized gifts for birthdays, weddings or any other kind of occasion. The customization is also done professionally and it does not affect the quality or strength of the mug. The possibilities when it comes to customization are endless.
Moscow Mule Mug
If you are social media junkie or person who constantly keeps up with what is vogue, you have probably heard of the Moscow Mule cocktail. If you have not, this is popular cocktail made of ingredients such as ginger beer and lime juice and served in a moscow mule mug. To top off this cocktail should be served in a copper mug hence the name Moscow Mule cocktail. The copper mug is believed to improve on the flavor and keeps the drink at the right temperature among other reasons. This is one example of where you can use these copper mugs at an event or a house party and leave a good impression on your guests.
At Custom Copper Mug we are the specialists when it comes to anything copper mugs. We have a wide selection of different variations of copper mugs that you will find anywhere. We have sold thousands of copper mugs to customers over the years and the feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Feel free to contact us for more information on our copper mugs or any other related issue.