NYC Food Pledge and Food Charter

by Lexi Van de Walle, The Lighthearted Locavore 

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's Office has planned the release of a New York City Food Pledge and Food Charter and signing campaign. The campaign will be launched on Friday, December 4th and is timed to coincide with the upcoming NYC Food and Climate Change Summit being held a week later. Over the past year, a committee of food advocates from around the City, including several Food Systems NYC Network members, has worked closely with the Borough President's Food Policy team to draft a framework for a City-wide food sustainability plan. The objective for the Pledge and Charter is to increase individual consciousness about food issues across all communities around the City and help create the public policy that is needed to ensure a stronger and more just food system in the five boroughs. The Charter addresses food access, health, economic and environmental issues, and defines the values and principles from which the City government and individual City Agencies can draft their long-term food sustainability plans. The Food Systems Network Communications Team will keep the network informed. Please be sure to read the NYC Food Charter and sign the NYC Food Pledge. And, ask your colleagues to sign on also.