Subcommittees of Food System Network NYC

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Communications Subcommittee

The Communications Subcommittee develops mechanisms to communicate with, inform, and educate FSNYC Members and the larger community. This committee maintains and develops the FSNYC website and monthly e-newsletters. Press releases, announcements, and events listings are also the responsibility of this committee.

Subcommittee Chair: Lynn Fredericks,

Policy Subcommittee

The Policy Subcommittee performs research and analysis and prepares informational documents to inform and support Network initiatives and activities. Additionally, the Policy Subcommittee may develop advocacy statements regarding public policies and coordinate sign-ons by Leadership Committee Members and/or Network members.

Membership Subcommittee

The Membership Subcommittee ensures that FSNYC Membership is broad-based and diverse, reflecting the various sectors of the food system. It also coordinates membership recruitment and retention activities.

Program & Events Subcommittee

The Program & Events Subcommittee shall plan, coordinate, and execute monthly Open Networking Meetings, ticketed fundraising events, and other activities. The Committee will seek sponsorships and donations in conjunction with events. Jointly with other Subcommittees, the Program & Events Subcommittee will plan and execute an Annual Membership Meeting.

Subcommittee Co-Chairs: Mary Cleaver, Hilary Baum, & Shira Gans

Governance Subcommittee

The Governance Subcommittee maintains FSNYC’s Leadership Principles, advises the Leadership Committee Co-Chairs in matters of governance, and conducts annual elections, ensuring that the Leadership Committee reflects the various sectors and diversity of the larger food system.

Subcommittee Co-Chairs: Kate MacKenzie and Stacey Flanagan


FoodAction Subcommittee

FoodAction NYC is a multi-year project that is expanding OASIS (the NYC Open Accessible Space Information System), an existing interactive citywide mapping application, to incorporate key spatial aspects of New York City’s current food system and developing food systems education, assessment, training, and planning materials. The FoodAction Subcommittee, with the Leadership Committee Co-Chairs, provides administrative oversight of FoodAction implementation, identifies opportunities for and challenges to the project, and evaluates FoodAction objectives and progress. Subcommittee currently on hiatus.