Sierra Club NYC: Factoring Sustainable Ag into Climate Change

Posted by Holly Emma, FSNYC Communications Committee

New York City is off to a great start on dealing with climate change through PlaNYC, but Sierra Club implores us to go further. The Sierra Club report, “Sustainable Energy Independence for New York City,” asks City officials to create a Task Force that will study potential local impacts and mitigations of energy volatility, and to require consideration of energy volatility in all City agency budgeting and planning decisions.

Even though its extensive public transit system makes NYC less vulnerable to oil price spikes than other cities, short-term consequences of higher prices can affect trucks bringing groceries to supermarkets, winter heating fuel prices, the earnings of restaurants and theaters dependent on tourists and budgets for fire, police, and sanitation services. The report also makes many recommendations such as support for congestion pricing, restricting suburban sprawl, agricultural production in cities and the suburbs, increasing production of local foods, encouraging solar heating systems and updating the State Energy Plan.

Download a copy of the report at, or read an online version with links to all references. Write back if your organization would like to endorse the report, or to arrange a presentation. Please contact Dan Miner, Sierra Club NYC Group Chair, at 718.786.5300 x 27 or .