Fracking Update: Urgent action needed in NY now; farming-fracking linkage goes national

photo: Drilling rig in North Dakota, source:


The grassroots movement to protect NY from the threats of fracking has recently slowed the state’s decision-making apparatus again but only for what may be a very short time.  From December 12 to January 11 everyone has the opportunity to comment on the administration’s fracking regulations.  Click here for the critical information on how to proceed immediately. 


In January 2012, Food Systems Network NYC (FSNYC) participated in a round of comments on the SGEIS (the draft environmental impact study), a companion document integral to the state’s process, pointing out the study’s apparent lack of consideration of food and farm economy impacts and other concerns. Read FSNYC’s letter to Commissioner Martens here.


Hot off the presses!  Food and Water Watch has just released “Fracking New York’s Food, Agriculture and Farms.” This short report comes at a critical moment in the governor’s decision making.


The December 18 cover story in The Nation, “Fracking Our Food Supply, “ mentions Chefs for The Marcellus, a campaign to protect the foodshed for food professionals led by several FSNYC members.  The story, which gone viral, describes specific on-farm experiences of livestock and humans but also highlights the reasons why there is difficulty providing “scientific” proof of the causes. 


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