Food Day: What's Happening in New York City?

What’s Happening in New York City?

by Amanda Berhaupt-Glickstein & Emily Joiner


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The Earth Day of food, Food Day is a day that promotes “healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.”  Food Day is the brainchild of The Center for Science in the Public Interest and was launched in 2011.  In its first year, over 2,300 events joined in the celebration in the US.  Happening every year on October 24th, Food Day spreads awareness of safe food for humans as well as safe and humane standards for food and farm workers; highlights the need for healthy diets as well as the need to end hunger; and promotes a food system that supports environmentally sustainable farm practices.

Americans love a reason to celebrate and Food Day is no exception!  With nearly 100 partner organizations this year, Food Day 2012 promises to be another exciting and inclusive celebration. Extending from a single day of food festivities, Food Day now includes a number of events happening throughout the months of October and November.

In the spirit of Food Day, why not share your food holiday with friends and family? Check out some of the creative and fun events happening in New York City by clicking here and spread the word!


Events will continue to be registered throughout October at Check their website for additional events in NYC and nationally!