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Food Systems Network NYC posts announcements from organizations, institutions, and businesses in and around NYC whose programs, work, practices, or research helps to advance or inform FSNYC's mission to establish a just and vibrant regional food and farm economy that promotes human and environmental health and prevents hunger.

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Register Now for Feeding Cities: Policies and Governance at The New School

A new and timely course on comprehensive food system governance for city region food systems will be offered at the New School from January to May, 2015.
Food systems expert Thomas Forster will teach a new course to take advantage of recent developments in policy and practice around governance of the food supply for cities and their regions.  Governance of the contemporary food system is complex and rapidly evolving. As cities, regions, and nations deal with concerns about safety, security, environmental impact, and climate change affecting food supply and distribution, the governance of food and farming systems is being reexamined and in some cases modified. Designed to follow other policy and food justice classes at the New School, this course is conducted in an applied studio format. After learning about basic food governance principles, practices, and models, students research and analyze food governance processes at the local, regional, and national levels, including unfolding work in New York City on food policy and governance, the evolution of governance frameworks in other places involving local and regional planning authorities, and the emerging food regionalism across the world.


The class can be found and registered for online in the New School website at

NFDS 4200 Feeding Cities: Policies and Governance (ThomasForster) CRN 5642


Request for info! Compiling a scan of NYC-based Community Food Assessments

The Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy is doing a scan of the various community food assessments (CFAs) that have been done throughout the NYC area. We would be interested in any level of report: neighborhood, borough, or city level, ranging from fully realized community food assessments to surveys or reports using only secondary data. They can specifically be about the food environment, or be another type of community assessment that includes a food element. If you have completed a community food assessment or know a group that has, we would greatly appreciate you sending that information our way. All CFAs, information, and questions can be forwarded to Claire Uno at


Kind Regards,

The Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy team


$150 off Food Start-Up Bootcamp

On November 8th, Local Food Lab is hosting its first-ever Food Startup Bootcamp, a full-day, in-person intensive business course designed to empower budding food and farm entrepreneurs to create businesses that contribute to a healthier, more just and more resilient food system.

In this class, students will learn the basics of developing and launching a new food business. Students will leave with an actionable plan on how to plan, pitch, launch and grow their food startup.

Bootcamp Takeaways:
- Measure and build a product or service that people love.
- Create a clear and concise 10-step business plan.
- Develop a fundraising strategy.
- Launch a successful marketing and sales plan.
- Effectively pitch your startup.

Event Link:

Get $150 off the course using promo code "STARTITUP". Refer a friend and get an additional $50 off.

Job Opportunity: Manager of Nutrition Education, City Harvest

The Manager of Nutrition Education implements and teaches 6-week cooking and nutrition education courses, facilitates shopping workshops in local supermarkets, conducts short nutrition education activities in public locations throughout City Harvest Healthy Neighborhoods, and periodically leads cooking demonstrations. Responsibilities also include recruiting Healthy Neighborhood residents to participate in courses and shopping tours, communicating with and managing volunteers, and assisting with leading volunteer trainings.

Volunteer Opportunity: Tour Guide, Greenmarket Youth Education Program

Greenmarket Organization Information

Greenmarket is a program of GrowNYC, formerly the Council on the Environment of NYC.  Greenmarket's mission is to promote regional agriculture and ensure a continuing supply of fresh local produce for all New Yorkers. Greenmarket supports farmers and preserves farmland for the future by providing regional, small family farmers with opportunities to sell their fruits, vegetables and other farm products to New Yorkers.


Greenmarket Youth Education connects thousands of New York City schoolchildren in grades K-12 with Greenmarkets and our farmers to help them gain an understanding of local agriculture and the importance of eating fresh, seasonal foods. Fun, interactive learning experiences allow children to build an understanding of how food choices impact their bodies, their environment and their communities.  Our School Tours at Greenmarket program reaches over 6,000 children each year.


Intership Opportunity: Food and Nutrition Programs Unit, Public Health Solutions

Call for Interns

Food and Nutrition Programs Unit



Public Health Solutions (PHS), one of the largest not-for-profit organizations in New York City and a nationally recognized Public Health Institute (PHI), addresses critical public health needs such as food security and nutrition, women’s reproductive health; early childhood development and family support; and so much more. Under the PHS Public Health Programs Division, The Food and Nutrition Programs (FANP) Unit staff works to improve health and nutrition, specifically among women, infants, and children. The FANP Unit oversees the organization’s Neighborhood WIC Program, WIC Vendor Management Program, and Cooking Matters initiative, as well as other grant funded projects to increase access to healthy food and nutrition education in target high-need areas.


The FANP Unit is now accepting applications for a Fall 2014 internship/practicum position to study and report on distribution mechanisms of food and beverages to businesses in Queens, with a focus on small corner stores (“bodegas”) in Southeast Queens and Jamaica.


Meet-up info for Food Justice contingent of People's Climate March - Sunday, September 21!

The People’s Climate March is Sunday, September 21st. The march is expected to draw a historic number of individuals and organizations and the Food Justice contingent will be marching as part of the “solutions” section of the march. Find out where to meet-up below! And, find out about food-focused events being hosted on Saturday, September 20 as part of the NYC Climate Convergence "teach-in."
MEET-UP with the Food Justice Contingent
  • WHERE TO MEET: Assemble at 10:30 am on Central Park West between 71st St. and 72nd St. The march is scheduled to start at 11:30 am.
  • DIRECTIONS - view the diagram below. Entry to Central Park West is limited to a selection of streets. The NYPD is asking that the Food Justice enter Central Park West at 77th or 81st St. Then, make your way down to the Food Justice contingent between 71st and 72nd St. Look for the Food Justice signs (spoiler alert: lots of onion/globe images).
  • THE LINEUP - the various contingents of the march will be arranged in a way that helps us thread many messages together. The Food Justice contingent is marching as part of the "solutions" section. Click here to see the full lineup.
  • MORE LOGISTICS - click here to learn more about what to bring and not to bring with you
  • Marching under the Food Justice banner will be farmers, community and school gardeners, celebrity chefs, restaurant workers and, food processing workers, bee keepers, food coop and CSA, members, farmers market enthusiasts, anti-hunger and pro-health advocates as well as garden variety food justice activists and foodies. And, if you're a chef or a culinary student, wear your "kitchen whites" and join others near the speaker area along the park wall!


Join the discussion on Saturday, September 19th & 20th

  • Part teach-in, part festival the NYC Climate Convergence will be taking place in the run-up to the People’s Climate March on September 21st.  The objective is to explore the root causes of climate change and to strengthen bonds within the climate movement before the march and beyond. There are workshops, trainings, and speakers being hosted all over the city.
  • Check out all of the activities sponsored by Climate Convergence: (for a current PDF of the complete schedule, click here)
  • For a list of food-focused Climate Convergance events, click here



  • Poster Making event - Wednesday September 17, 2-8pm Brooklyn College - 301 Roosevelt, 2900 Bedford Avenue.
  • Leafleting, putting up posters, contact Claire Arkin:
  • Helping on the morning of the march –lots of varied jobs, know anyone with a van or truck? Volunteer to serve as crew for the day of the march - Sept. 21. That means that you'll be at the march site (Central Park West between 71st and 72nd Streets) at 9:30am and help set up, get names and emails, and help out in a wide range of ways. Contact


Sept 21: Join the Food Justice Contingent of the People’s Climate March

The People’s Climate March is Sunday, September 21st. The march is expected to draw a historic number of individuals and organizations and the Food Justice contingent will be marching as part of the “solutions” section of the march. Food Justice - a healthy, equitable, sustainable food system is one of the many solutions to the climate crisis. Leading up to the march, particpate in food-focused climate events that will depict the many ways a local and organic food system, free of corporate domination, can decrease greenhouse gasses created in the large scale growing, processing and distribution of food.  Also demonstrated will be how organic and sustainable agriculture and gardening can actually pull carbon from the atmosphere and put it back in the soil where it belongs and how good jobs in the food system can help create a more equitable society!  


Logistics: Meet up with the Food Justice contingent at Central Park West north of Columbus Circle at 10:30 am (RSVP to to be informed of the exact location as soon as it is assigned).  Please bring hats, sun block, lots of water, whatever signs you wish to express your ideas, pots and pans and your great dedication to protecting our planet for generations to come.  Kids are more than welcome to join!


For more information on the food justice contingent: or (917) 693-3155