Application Deadline 3/6: Spring 2013 NYC Accelerator Program for Social Entrepreneurs (food, ag, tech)

Announcement from Local Food Lab

Application Deadline for NYC Startup Accelerator is March 6th



Program Dates: April 9 - May 14

Application Deadline: March 6

Scholarship Deadline: February 18

More info below.


  • Develop an investor pitch deck
  • Formulate a business plan
  • Meet a community of entrepreneurs
  • Establish next steps


“The opportunity to get your idea in front of so many industry professionals in such a short period of time is what makes the Startup Accelerator so valuable.”
— Krysia Zajonc, founder and instructor, Local Food Lab


A six-week program that helps entrepreneurs take an early stage idea for a food or farm startup and turn it into a complete business plan and product concept. Entrepreneurs well suited for our program are those interested in creating startups that offer packaged and prepared food products, catering and food services, food+tech products, urban to medium-scale agricultural products and services, and programs that expand the interest and demand for a more sustainable food system.


The Local Food Lab’s New York City Spring Accelerator Program runs for six weeks from April 8 - May 14. Tuition is $2,500. Session meeting times and exact NYC location are TBA. We require that students commit to attending all classes, allow for adequate time outside of class to complete assignments and attend the capstone event of the program, the Venture Fair.

Each session will be organized around a critical element of business education, and always through the lens of sustainable food. Students will meet and learn from a wide variety of mentors to help develop and grow their businesses and business network. Lunch or dinner will be included at every class session.

There will be a two week break between the end of the course and the capstone Venture Fair, which will allow entrepreneurs time to prepare—whether that is making product to sample, or putting the finishing touches on their website.

The Venture Fair will allow students to showcase their business to investors, industry leaders, potential co-founders, and key partners in the good food economy.


  • Learn vital business concepts including market and industry analysis,  product and service design, financial forecasting, sales and marketing strategy, development of a social mission statement, management of a mission aligned team, and the effective pitch and presentation of a new business
  • Identify how their startup addresses a social problem in the food system
  • Meet and learn from both new and established entrepreneurs in the industry
  • Receive tailored help on their startup
  • Present their final business concept and plan in a capstone event to a group of industry experts and investors


  • A complete business plan and investor pitch
  • A place in the rapidly growing network of people committed to building the next wave of sustainable food and farm businesses
  • Actionable next steps for launching your new social startup