Roundup: Best of 2009 “Good Food Movement” Developments

Our FSNYC Communications Committee and Leadership ushered in the New Year by reflecting on some of our favorite food system developments of 2009. This is not intended as a comprehensive list. Rather what strikes us as memorable, and in the case of policy initiatives, things we'll want to watch develop in this new year!  We invite you to add to our list and it will be archived here on the site next month with our members' suggestions added!  Happy New Year!

FSNYC Communications Committee

Lynn Fredericks and Kristin Pederson - Co-Chairs

Leslie Boden
Paula Crossfield
Mark Foggin
Sarah Grady
Loren Talbot
Kerry Trueman
Lexi Van de Walle
Ed Yowell

Roundup: Best of 2009 “Good Food Movement” Developments

FRESH: The Movie   
Food, Inc.     
Grown in Detroit    
Dirt! The Movie      
End of the Line      
What's On Your Plate     

No Impact Man     
Eating Animals      
Recipe For America      
Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness
Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal
The Call of the Land
Bringing It To the Table

Interesting Installations/Art/Events
Lenape Edible Estate
Brooklyn Food Conference    
Food & Climate Change Summit
New York Botanical Garden: Edible Gardens
NYC Youth Forum & Expo: Food, Farming and Active Living  

Federal Policy
Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food
Facebook chat with USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan
White House Garden 
Fruits & Vegetables in WIC  

NY State Policy
NYS Community Garden Grants
Governor’s Healthy Food/Healthy Communities Initiative
Hunt's Point Wholesale Farmers' Market management grant to Greenmarket

NYC Policy
FRESH Initiative
La Marquetta Food Incubator
Food Charter
"Drinking Yourself Fat" Campaign
NYC CNR Alliance